Net eMedical Technologies strives to position itself as the best Telemedicine Solutions provider. We offer the most advanced technology, integration and ease of use. In addition to our technological offering, we design Telemedicine networks, medical peripheral devices integration, training, organizational change adoption and support services that will ensure a successful implementation of your Telemedicine program.



We develop and provide Telemedicine Solutions to Health authorities, public and private, that allow equitable access to health care for the general population. We do this by enabling, through technolgy, remote medical consultations and diagnostics.


In the near future, every doctor's office, clininc, hospital and Health Authority will be using Telemedicine to enable access to health care in remote locations and patient's homes. Telemedicine technologies are necessary, though no by themselves sufficient, for Health Care systems to being able to cope with an increasing number of patients everywhere. We will be playing an important role in this future.